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Across the land

Material culture is not merely a survival tool, but a testament to our values and identity, as individuals and as a society. In my search for responsible alternatives, I have wandered across the land. I have chosen five places with unique terrain, and documented each site. I collected findings from above the ground, and stuff that has become part of the earth compound with time. Man has left his mark everywhere. Landscapes and natural treasures have been abused and transformed into quarries, mines, industrial zones, waste dumps and battle fields. Each location has taught me a different point of view. Each site demanded a different approach. I researched simple, local and available materials such as sand, tar, earth and salt. Labor-intense and time-consuming processes, and basic strategies & manipulations - such as multiplicity, grinding, kneading and slow drying – resulted in five necklaces, one for each site. The necklaces are fragile and temporary, much like my country's liquid borders and volatile politics. They recount the process of their coming into being, as well as the story of the place we live in, and our identity within it.

Instructed by Ouliel Yael & Eyal Schoenbaum

Materials: Earth, Olive branch, Sand, Tar, sea salt, Rusted steel, Rusted iron and Potsherds. 

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